With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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3 large, comfortable bedrooms with either twin beds or a king bed.

One separate shower room, plus a separate shower with bath and double vanity; plus a separate toilet with handbasin.

There is a large communal room with a refreshment and limited meal preparation facility. This includes fridge, crockery, cutlery, microwave, benchtop oven, slow cooker and barbecue (just out the door). In this communal space there is the sauna and plenty of flexibility for sitting and relaxing.

June_2012_011This room also accesses (as well as the barbecue), outdoor dining and the expansive deck area, spa pool and salt water swimming pool.

We are pleased to now provide EV charging for guests and have for several years now benefited from our investment in solar energy.

There are several options for meals.  We can cater for groups with simple, tasty and delicious vegetarian meals.  They will be from our own vegetable garden or local organic produce wherever possible. We also have experience in catering for those with dietary intolerances. 

Alternatively if guests prefer to self-cater in a simple manner, this is also possible.  For the warmer months a barbecue is available.  Also available are a microwave and a slow cooker. 

There are also a number of local cafes and restaurants a short drive away.

Shubha Room

Shubha is a Sanskrit word meaning: splendid, beautiful, auspicious. A place of bliss, happiness and an assembly of the Gods!

The Shubha Room

This beautiful, generous space is available for a variety of group activities.  For example: yoga, tai chi, healing/therapy training workshops, dance and movement work-play, group meditation or chant/singing and other gatherings.
It will be available for our retreats and also available for hire to other groups needing a quality venue. 

It has been insulated, lined and painted; double glazed windows installed; comprehensive lighting and also skylights fitted.  An attractive quality flooring has been put down suitable for movement work.  An eco-efficient heat pump is available to keep us cool in summer and warm in winter.  The final touch was the large leadlight feature window which is simply stunning.   

Spa Pool

A six person spa with all the jets and bubbles you would need.  It is always on and available and is chlorine free.  Great for a late night soak whilst observing the night sky!

Swimming Pool

This large pool is a salt water pool which is also heated, allowing a few extra months of use in the year. If you haven’t experienced a salt water pool you will find that it feels extra good on the skin and eyes.

The Far Infrared Sauna


This is a 4 person ‘Far Infrared Sauna’ This ‘dry’ sauna replicates and resonates with the body’s natural energy band. The technology was first used in hospital incubators. The energy penetrates the body’s tissue, affecting skin, muscle and organ tissue, the circulatory system, joints and ligaments. It also counters toxic electromagnetic influences that the body may have acquired. Colour therapy is also incorporated in a sauna session. So in summary the benefits are: stress relief, pain relief, cardiovascular and circulatory conditioning, deep detox, weight loss, improvements to skin, joint mobility and immune function. The ‘soft’ radiant heat created by the sauna has been likened to the comforting warmth felt being behind a glass window on an autumn afternoon and, unlike the stifling heat of conventional saunas, this sauna allows fresh air to circulate.

Other Extras

Zen Chi Massager - relaxes muscles, increases metabolism and circulation of blood, reduces backache, aids detoxification, massages internal organs aiding digestion and elimination – all whilst having your feet up and cradled in the massager and enjoying some quiet time!

Exercycle, Electronic piano (with headphones!), Exquisite and eclectic collection of music and guided meditation for relaxation, unwinding or expression (free dance or vocal!) and a fine range of uplifting and useful literature about mind body and spirit to browse through and be inspired.

Close proximity to a variety of well maintained bush walks and Bethells Beach.

Vartamana Retreat offers healing spaces, resources, practitioners and accommodation in a peaceful and welcoming environment where a deep level of care and acceptance is our promise to you.  If you do not feel completely satisfied, we welcome you back to find out what we can do better and offer you a complementary treatment for your efforts. 

The range of treatments and experience is not often found elsewhere. Come and see this new and unique venture for yourself.  We are awaiting your testimonial !!!