With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Healing the Life Energy Way - Sat 28 & Sunday 29th Sept 2013

Learn, Experience, Heal, Be Healed, Grow,  & Have Fun . . .  with David Slinger.  Learn the nature of life energy (ki,chi,prana,zero-point) and then be immersed in a transformative life-energy healing experience in this one-of-a-kind fun weekend workshop. To find out more about David and his work, visit:... > Read more

Self discovery through the mirror of Colour and Sound - August 2 - 4th.

Caroline Beazley presents two of the cutting edge self development modalities she works with: Aura-Soma Colour Care System® and Soul Voice® Sound Healing. Fri 7.15pm-8.45pm Introductory Talk [admission by koha] Sat 10.30am-12pm Aura-Soma® Experiential Workshop [$20] Sat 1-5pm Individual Aura-Soma® Colour Care Consultation by appointment... > Read more

Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop - Friday, Sat & Sunday June 21-23rd

This is the second in a series of certified workshops to support the development of your inner Medicine woman or man. Lasavia Essence workshops are fundamentally experiential and use Shamanic journeying and principles of peacemaking, where particpants learn through the sacred circle and the medicine wheel.  It will require a... > Read more

Staying True -A Retreat with Lisa - Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May 2013

Starting Friday evening and ending Sunday evening for a total of 5 meetings together.  Friday 7pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am &... > Read more

Enneagram Intensive with Lisa - Saturday, Sunday & Monday at 7pm

Join us on this liberating journey as we begin to discover the ways our consciousness has been shaped, creating what we call our personality. This is a journey of self observation and self-enquiry using the tool of the Enneagram; a profound synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern psychology that reveals the 9 archetypal patterns of the psyche.... > Read more

Silence Sings - A Special Music Event - Tuesday 28th May 7pm

Lisa and Emma explore the expression of deep inner peace in their love for music, poetry, chant and silence. Emma is a writer and multi instrumentalist (flutes, vocal, Taonga Puoro). Her inspiration is the discovery of peace and beauty everywhere and loves to explore this in writing and music. > Read more

A Sound Healing Experience - Friday 17th May 7.30pm

The evening will start with an informative speech by Stefan about the Sound-sculptures and their healing qualities. This will be followed by the sound-experience which involves both Sound-sculptures, a range of other instruments and Stefan's voice. It is a meditative experience where the listener will be bathed in magical and cosmic sounds. The... > Read more

'You are Creator of Your Reality' Workshop - Saturday April 20th

Zvonko's Heartfelt intention:    For people to fully access, and consciously create from, the power and potential of their Being for their Highest Good.Program:•    Basics of human functioning - Principles of Functioning and Managing these structures - Calming the mind (Meditation) - Heart and sensing with the... > Read more

Opening the New Consciousness - Friday 19th April 2013 7.30pm

Friday 19th (7:30pm-9:30pm) - Gong meditation evening •    Open evening, you can bring your friends! •    Clearing, opening and anchoring portals of light within us.  •    Great preparation for people attending Saturday’s workshop. Zvonko shares with people Soundly... > Read more

A Journey with Sheree Carberry - Mar 9th 2013

This day is part of a 6 month program facilitated by Sheree Carbery: This epic 'Journey of Awakening' is a heart opening, mind expanding SOUL ascension journey of unknown proportions with Spirit as your guide … where you are guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime with other beings who are committed to their own awakening and... > Read more

The Goddess Journey of Self-discovery - Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th January 2013

Introduction to the Divine Feminine -  A Journey of Self Discovery and Healing. (This workshop was moved from January 12 & 13th.)Learn to connect with your inner Goddess. Learn to develop Goddess consciousness, which will help elevate self-esteem and empower your personal and professional growth.Honour your Goddess within and... > Read more

Men & Grief - Thursday 21 February - Saturday 23 February 2013

This Men & Grief  workshop is the second  in the series: 'Training Men to Work with Men' facilitated by Warwick Pudney and Keith Tudor.  It is an exciting opportunity to join a group of men for two and a half days and explore not just male emotions but man talk about men in Aotearoa New Zealand. Why you might be... > Read more