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Opening the New Consciousness - Friday 19th April 2013 7.30pm

Friday 19th (7:30pm-9:30pm) - Gong meditation evening •    Open evening, you can bring your friends! •    Clearing, opening and anchoring portals of light within us.  •    Great preparation for people attending Saturday’s workshop. Zvonko shares with people Soundly... > Read more

A Journey with Sheree Carberry - Mar 9th 2013

This day is part of a 6 month program facilitated by Sheree Carbery: This epic 'Journey of Awakening' is a heart opening, mind expanding SOUL ascension journey of unknown proportions with Spirit as your guide … where you are guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime with other beings who are committed to their own awakening and... > Read more

The Goddess Journey of Self-discovery - Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th January 2013

Introduction to the Divine Feminine -  A Journey of Self Discovery and Healing. (This workshop was moved from January 12 & 13th.)Learn to connect with your inner Goddess. Learn to develop Goddess consciousness, which will help elevate self-esteem and empower your personal and professional growth.Honour your Goddess within and... > Read more

Men & Grief - Thursday 21 February - Saturday 23 February 2013

This Men & Grief  workshop is the second  in the series: 'Training Men to Work with Men' facilitated by Warwick Pudney and Keith Tudor.  It is an exciting opportunity to join a group of men for two and a half days and explore not just male emotions but man talk about men in Aotearoa New Zealand. Why you might be... > Read more

An Evening Satsang with Rashani - November 23rd 2012

Join us for this evening of Satsang (gathering in Truth) with Rashani.  'Rashani shows us how to live gracefully in our own skin and to drink the cup of our life without trying to fix, therapise, rationalize or use spiritual cosmetics to hide the disavowed aspects of our wholeness'  Helena Harris, chaplain. 7pm in the Shubha... > Read more

Weekend Retreat with Rashani- Sat & Sunday 24-25th November 2012

This retreat is intriguingly entitled  'No need to brush aside waves to look for water'.  In the words of Wu Chun - "If you seek some special life outside of daily activities; that is like brushing aside waves to look for water" Rashani skilfully interweaves her passion for earth-based spirituality and “the... > Read more

Reiki One Workshop - November 3rd & 4th 2012

Reiki is the Ancient Art of Natural Healing. Celtic Reiki is an  earth based energy healing, using the vibrations of the earth, trees and plants to heal mind, body and soul. A Reiki practitioner channels this energy for healing purposes through the laying on of hands. Reiki One is the foundation for Physical Self Healing and facilitating... > Read more

Sacred Sensual Massage - November 10 & 11th 2012

Awaken to your sensual nature on this journey to pleasure and bliss.In our often busy distracted lives connection to our senses is sometimes dulled. We mayeat without really tasting, hear without really listening and our relationship withour bodies may be disconnected or unconscious. Massage is a gift that encouragescommunication between people,... > Read more

A Journey of Self Discovery - Sundays 14 & 28th Ocotber

Due to the level of interest, we are offering again this 2 day Enneagram workshop in October. Yes you can:    See yourself and others with greater clarity        Build better relationships in all areas of your life            Understand your motivations and... > Read more

Want to hold an event ??

If you are considering running an event - workshop, lecture, training or other gathering, contact Dianne to discover how possible and affordable this could be for you. > Read more

Reiki One - Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September 2012

Celtic Reiki One. Celtic Reiki is an earth based energy healing, using the vibrations of the earth, trees and plants to heal mind, body and soul. Reiki One is the foundation for physical self healing and facilitating the healing of others. You will receive your first attunement, learn the history and meaning of Reiki, the Chakras... > Read more

Reiki Three - Saturday & Sunday 8th & 9th September

Usui Reiki Three Training can be a powerful experience, you are now working at Soul level, you may encounter immense shifts, deeper integration of self and life purpose and more depth of the Life force energy. Reiki Three enhances the ability to bring in and hold more energy, you will develop the Ki energy and control the energy flow, learning... > Read more