With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Open Satsang With Jared - Tues Nov 4th 7pm

Join with Jared for an evening of Satsang - A meeting in service of Truth In the surrender to life as it is, there is the possibility to discover that at the core of all the ups and downs,deeper than any habitual pattern of resistance, there is a field of empty, open, free, overflowing love. $20 at the door. > Read more

Healing & Ascension Technique - Saturday 23 August 2014

Join mentor and author Annette Hanham for this healing and ascension technique over-lighted by Quan Yin. A 12 point Chakra healing & expansion technique used by the ascended masters including Light activation of our 12 strands of DNA.  This easily-learned Heart-Centred ascension technique significantly raises our vibratory frequency... > Read more

Awakening the Illuminated Heart - 8 - 11th August 2014

Join certified teachers from Drunvalo Melchizedeks 'School of Remembering'  forthis 4 day intensive, Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop.  John Thode & Waveney Grace-Thode will guide you on this profoundly healing and heart opening workshop. you will remember how to: Enter both the sacred space and the tiny space... > Read more

Sacred Earth . . One Voice - Saturday 3 - 4.30pm

You are  warmly invite you to join Caroline in the Shubha room for this special collective Sound Healing ritual. Caroline is facilitating this gathering for the purification and healing of our beloved Earth, the nature beings and forces of the elements.In a simple way, through our loving intention, breath and voice, we can make a real... > Read more

Traditional Maori Healing Arts Workshop - 26 - 29th July 2014

This course with Audie Beazley is in two parts. Come to one or both.  There is limited accommodation available if you wish to stay at Vartamana for during this time. Part one (2 days): $260 - (includes lunch)The weekend of July 26-27thLearn the basics of Romiromi - a holistic approach to body balancing& alignment through... > Read more

Satsangs with Lisa in March - 16 - 24th

Satsang is a sacred gathering in the name of truth. Unfettered by mind activity and submersed in the reality of your true nature as eternal consciousness, you recognize yourself as the source of all; Freedom, Itself. Open Satsang Meeting:  CANCELLEDSunday March 16th - 7pm, 5 Day Satsang Retreat begins - Thursday March 20th at 7pm... > Read more

Awaken True Enjoyment - Mondays 7pm from Feb 3 (6 week course)

 I invite you to come on a journey to re-discover your own inner life; to awaken true enjoyment.  In the sacred space of the Shubha room, you will: ♥ Spend time exploring movement, music and meditation, using mindfulness, breath, sound,  inner sound and    guided meditations. ♥Listen... > Read more

An Evening with Rashani - Friday 7 - 9.30pm

It is a delight to have Rashani here again after her superb workshop here last year.In this evening with Rashani entitled 'Entering together and Alone, the mystery of the unknown', she invites us to; observe everything with curiosity, to go inside, into the stillness and emptiness, into the roaring of the mind, into pure awareness, into our... > Read more

Being Women Circle - Nourish Your Spirit - Sunday 10th November 2013

In our modern world women are often taking multiple roles within their families and communities. Gift yourself “Time out for time in.” and nourish your spirit. Share, heal and celebrate your experience of 'Being Woman'. Give voice to your beautiful innate wisdom. We will spend this sacred time together by... > Read more

Healing the Life Energy Way - Sat 28 & Sunday 29th Sept 2013

Learn, Experience, Heal, Be Healed, Grow,  & Have Fun . . .  with David Slinger.  Learn the nature of life energy (ki,chi,prana,zero-point) and then be immersed in a transformative life-energy healing experience in this one-of-a-kind fun weekend workshop. To find out more about David and his work, visit:... > Read more

Self discovery through the mirror of Colour and Sound - August 2 - 4th.

Caroline Beazley presents two of the cutting edge self development modalities she works with: Aura-Soma Colour Care System® and Soul Voice® Sound Healing. Fri 7.15pm-8.45pm Introductory Talk [admission by koha] Sat 10.30am-12pm Aura-Soma® Experiential Workshop [$20] Sat 1-5pm Individual Aura-Soma® Colour Care Consultation by appointment... > Read more

Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop - Friday, Sat & Sunday June 21-23rd

This is the second in a series of certified workshops to support the development of your inner Medicine woman or man. Lasavia Essence workshops are fundamentally experiential and use Shamanic journeying and principles of peacemaking, where particpants learn through the sacred circle and the medicine wheel.  It will require a... > Read more