With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Love Flow - Community gathering for women & men - Friday April 28th 7.30 - 10pm

A warm welcome to the first gathering in Auckland hosted by Simone and Jaguar through our project “Ritual Design”. In this gathering we are combining ancient ritual tradition with the wonders of cacao, beautiful music and shared time in a context of heart centered connection. Our aim is to create an oxcytocin rich environment,... > Read more

'Birth Your Essence' with Jaguar Carrell - Wednesday 26th April 7 - 9.30pm

Come together with a magical group of women to be in a circle, dance, move, feel, groove, explore your soul qualities, get creative, bring in more of your shining light and discover more of your uniqueness – a powerful feminine awakening practice for women! Creatively and magically access the Principles of Birth... > Read more

Where the Human Meets the Divine - A Retreat with Jared - April 7 - 10th 2017

The line between our humanity and our divinity is blurred and causes endless confusion. We often excuse our bad behaviour by rationalising our biological conditioning, or we judge ourselves for not being ‘spiritual enough’ when we act from our animal drives. So am I an animal, or am I something beyond the physical? And if I am... > Read more

Conscious & Effective Communication - March 4 & 5th with Noorah Hansen

Noorah Hansen, from Mt Shasta, California, is a very experienced facilitator who specialises in conscious communication, and also Integrative Quantum Medicine. Conscious & Effective Communication combines your thoughts and words, while being aligned with your emotions to create powerful choices moment to moment. Language shapes our... > Read more

Open Meeting-Satsang with Jared - Wednesday 5th April, 7.30pm

This is an open meeting for all who are called. Sometimes referred to as Satsang, these meetings are a support to investigate the story of “me”, to discover that who we are is deeper than any story. Who we are is always here, always now. To reflect on ourselves, without any concept, is to transcend the mind’s... > Read more

Empowering Communication Workshop - Cheng Hsin -October 29 - 30th 2016

This two day event with Brie Litchfield is a powerful introduction to the Cheng Hsin consciousness work. It is an invitation to honestly question the nature of your experience and to make breakthroughs in your own consciousness. New worlds of possibility will open up that make a real difference in your life.What you will be doing:During the ECW... > Read more

Aromatic Kinesiology 1 - The Path to Beauty - November 19 & 20th 2016

With Robbi Zeck's Aromatic Kinesiology 1, you will be taken into the world ofenergy and aroma with an emphasis to enhancethe spirit of and love for your life. Each seminar includes uplifting guided exercises and discussions, time for quiet reflection and explores how to use essential oils as potent yet gentle, aromatic anchors tofacilitate... > Read more

Body Talk Fundamentals - 8 - 11 December 2016

Registration on the link below. https://www.bodytalksystem.com/seminars/details.cfm?id=27804 For any queries contact: Jane Gruebner Email jane@thebodymindinterpreter.co.nz.  Phone: 0274 991115 > Read more

Integrative Quantum Healing Sat & Sunday 11 & 12th March

Take charge of your health, wealth and life! Noorah Hansen introduces Integrative Quantum Medicine™ (IQM),  a simple yet powerful healing modality that combines Eastern Techniques of Energy Mastery, Western Anatomy & Physiology with Quantum Theory.   This simple technique requires no drugs, needles,... > Read more

'The Courage to be Your Self' - A Retreat with Jared - October 21 - 24 2016

A Satsang Retreat with Jared We hear this phrase “be yourself!” but what does it really mean? The question is – who are we? We can’t be ourselves if we don’t know who we are. Most people believe they know who they are, without ever really investigating this directly. This retreat is an opportunity... > Read more

Open Meeting - Satsang, 7.30pm Wednesday 19th October 2016, 7.30pm

We hear this phrase “be yourself!” but what does it really mean? The question is – who are we? We can’t be ourselves if we don’t know who we are. Most people believe they know who they are, without ever really investigating this directly.Suggested $20 at the door. > Read more

Free Preview Evening - Empowering Communication - Monday September 19th, 7pm

Come and check out a free special preview night of the Cheng Hsin Consciousness work with Brie Litchfield. The topic this time will be focusing on listening.  The Cheng Hsin Work focuses on things like: Transforming your experience of yourself to becomemore grounded, authentic, and effective.Empower your relationships and improve... > Read more