With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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A Silent Retreat with Jared - Thursday 22 - Sunday 25th August 2019

This is a special 4-Day Silent Retreat which is an opportunity to retreat from the noise of the world, to turn your attention inwards and discover the source of the thought “I.” Silence in the world is rare, and yet we all crave it. Peace, quiet and rest give us the opportunity to allow ourselves to simply be as we are,... > Read more

Waking Wisdom - Chronic Pain & Stress Relief Day - Sunday 22 September

The day is crafted around some key steps, that when addresses can really help people struggling with pain and stress to feel empowered with the tools to move from what is often a state of coping – to one of thriving. Following that the first step is to lay the foundations for the rest of the day through exploring the... > Read more

Returning Home to Essence - A Day for Men -Saturday 9 November 10am-5pm

This day retreat with  Katrin Franz & Jacqlin Richards, will offer a space to experience coming back to the essence of who you truly are.The intention is to open a space of love, compassion, acceptance and support through curiosity and light-heart-edness.  Fully embracing the entirety of who you are and the journey of discovery it... > Read more

Open Meeting-Satsang with Jared - Thursday 22nd August 2019

This open meeting (or Satsang) with teacher Jared Franks is an opportunity to get a taste of retreating from the noise of the world, to turn your attention inwards and to discover the source of the thought “I.”  Jared's invitation is to stop where you are, and discover what is already here, already awake, alive and shining... > Read more

Moving Into Mindfulness - Sunday - Sunday 4th August 2019

With Rachel Tobin (visit here) 10am to 4.30pm. Take a day just your yourself, to tap into the power of the now and rediscover your inherent OK-ness.. The venue for our retreat is in a lovely setting near the Waitakere Ranges. This will be a day to revitalise your reserves and calm your mind. We’ll use sitting and walking mindfulness... > Read more

Kirtan & Meditation - Sunday 16 June 2019

Join us for a  morning of traditional and soulful kirtan followed by meditation and lunch. 10.45 to 1pm.     Koha appreciated. ammanewzealand@amma.org.nz > Read more

The Art of Mindfullness - Saturday 27 April -10am - 4.30pm

A one day silent mindfulness and qi gong retreat with Rachel Tobin.Take a day for yourself to tap into the power of the now and rediscover your inherent OK-ness. In this silent retreat we use sitting/walking mindfulness practices and simple movements from qi gong to explore the experience of being present and to open to a still place of moving... > Read more

Open Meeting - Satsang - Wednesday 20 March 2019 7pm to 8.30pm

Sometimes referred to as Satsang, these 'open meetings' are a support to investigate the story of “me”,  to discover that who we are is bigger than any story. Who we are is always here, always now. To reflect on ourselves, without any concept, is to transcend the mind’s endlessly changing definitions, to rest in simple... > Read more

Enneagram Retreat with Jared 22 - 25 March 2019

This is a special 4-Day Enneagram Retreat, which is an opportunity to look at how we move, what motivates us, and what is really underneath these habitual patterns of behaviour, thoughts and emotions. To see the patterns, is to see through them, to what you really want, and finally, to who you really are.    All are welcomeTuition... > Read more

Sacred Remembering through Voice & Movement - March 8 -10th 2019

Using the medicine of sound, movement, breath, touch and embodied inquiry With your Facilitators Tahlia Brand and Alison Fortes You are sacred,  You are a song that is meant to be sung, A dance worth moving to, A story worth telling A weekend journey with Tahlia and Alison combining the medicine of Sound and Qoya- an... > Read more

Gangaji DVD Satsang -Next is Saturday 2nd March 2019 at 5pm

This is a monthly opportunity for people to view filmed (DVD)  Satsangs with Gangaji.  Gangaji is a spiritual teacher who met her teacher, Sri Poonja (known as Papaji) in India in 1990. Papaji's teacher was Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Gangaji travels the world and visited New Zealand with her husband Eli Jaxon-Bear Jan - February... > Read more

Mantra Yog & Healing - Feb 9 - 10th

Facilitated by Awakened Himalayan Master Aikham Aikoham Babaji.  Learn how to chant mantras, use mudras & the right way to activate them. *  Mantra Pranayam. *  Healing through mantras. *  Identifying mantra frequencies & tapping into seeds of these. *  Using mantras for your purpose.... > Read more