With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Iron Shirt & Tantien Qi Gong - Monday 14th March

Outer Structure - Inner Strength.  The third one day workshop with Gabrielle ( 9.30 am to 5pm). Strengthen the body structure and empower the 'original force'.   Learn 6 different Iron Shirt postures.  It corrects bad body posture and dissolves unfavourable habits in movements. For more information visit Tao Motion > Read more

Reiki Retreat - 19 - 20th March

Celtic Reiki One.  Celtic Reiki is an earth based energy healing, using the vibrations of the earth, trees and plants to heal mind, body and soul.  Reiki One is the foundation for physical self healing and facilitating the healing of others.  You will receive your first attunement, learn the history and meaning of Reiki, the... > Read more

'Find Your Bliss' Workshop - Sunday 13th February. 10am to 3pm

We have had a great response and this workshop is now full.  Watch for a repeat coming soon! This workshop is for you if you wish for a greater sense of wellbeing and a more harmonious happy life. Join us and learn how to replace the countless stressful agitations of these times with a calm, grounded, responsive and open-hearted you... > Read more

Goddess Retreat - A Journey of Self Discovery and Healing - 29 - 30 January

An introduction the the Divine Feminine With Deborah Laurence - Reiki Master teacher & Holistic coach.  In this workshop you will learn: The history of the Goddess and the Sacred traditions; the many archetypes and her personalities; to create a sacred space for blessings and healings, for insight and knowleedge; the cylces of earth... > Read more

Aroha Healing - Practitioners Retreat Workshop - Postponed to early 2011

Level One Aroha Healing - Taumata Tuatahi.  This 3 day workshop is for bodyworkers, healers, counsellors, life coaches, holistic practitioners and massage therapists who would like to enhance their work and connect on a much deeper level with themselves, their partners and their clients.  This is the first of many levels of healing of... > Read more

Aroha Healing Women's Retreat - September 24 - 26th

This workshop taught women the many wonderful aspects of Aroha Healing.  Those who participated found it a very heart-opening and pleasurable experience. Give and receive Aroha healing massage,   Connect with others and yourself on a deeper level,   Understand and celebrate your femininity,   Meditate with... > Read more

A meditative musical experience

Tuesday 'Satsang Circles' are taking a break for the winter.  See you again in the Spring. What are 'Satsang Circles'? They are a one hour silent meditation interspersed with music, words and humming. The music and chanting help to deepen the silence, no effort is needed. This activity opens the door into your own inner blissful... > Read more