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From our Visitors Book:

Here are some comments from our visitor's book.

It was wonderful to be back here at Vartamana Retreat for another 4 day 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart' retreat workshop.The Shubha Room is a great space for teachers and students with its serene atmosphere and generous space.  The accommodation and hosting by Dianne and Mark is top notch.  In gratitude to Dianne and Mark for sharing their beautiful home and providing a gracious and easy supportive stay.

Waveney & John - Awakening the Illuminated Heart (November 2018)

Dianne & Mark, I am very grateful to you for creating such a wonderful peaceful and sacred space.  Thank you for looking after me, the wonderful meals! and the safety and seclusion that  I was so needing.  Om Shant Shanti Shanti.

Madhu - (September 2018)

I came to beautiful Vartamana, 3 days ago rather broken - physically and mentally.  It is indeed a very healing place, and Dianne, I really appreciate the kind words and talks.  Words cannot describe the abundance and calming energy here - simply put - it is heaven on earth.  I will always remember this place for the healing and re-programming I have done and will definitely be back for more R & R.

Dianne (May 2018)

Another very successful weekend workshop in your beautiful, peaceful surroundings.  As a facilitator, it is so reassuring to know that all is being taken care of with respect to meals and to keeping us provided with the practical things to ensure our comfort.  Thank you Dianne and Mark for sharing your lovely home and for the energy you put in.

Hilary - 'She Who Knows Weekend for Women'  (October 2017)

Dianne and Mark - special thanks for your wonderful open heart in welcoming me on my first ever experience of a stay in a retreat home setting.  Such a peaceful home and the food and company is outstanding.  For the experience of inner peace and insight gained while here, I thank you.  Look forward to seeing you both again.  Love & Light.

Annette (September 2017)

What an amazing place - birds, bush, serenity - to restore the spirit.  Add to this peace, the wonderful hospitality of Dianne (and her cuisine!) & Mark, and Vartamana works its wonders on me to uplift and lighten.  So many thanks Dianne & Mark, you truly have created something very special here.

Anne (November 2016)

Thank you Dianne & Mark.  This has been a gorgeous weekend of learning, healing and retreat. All of the facilities are top-notch and your hospitality and kindness are offered with heart-felt generosity.  It's been a joy to be here and I'm so looking forward to our next visit.  Blessings and gratitude to you both and to the spirit of this place!  Infinite Love.

Parvati & Kalki (Shanti Mission - March 2016)

What an amazing, magical place! Even being here with my two young sons, I still managed to feel rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, healed and 'retreated'.  And the boys enjoyed the space as much as I did.  The energy here is amazing.  So nice to wake up to the peace and tranquility and our native New Zealand bird song.  Dianne & Mark, what can I say?  Words are not enough, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and nurturing and looking after us.  Thank you for creating this magical haven.  Much gratitude and many blessings to you both.  We will definitely see you next year. Love & Hugs!

Ange, Lucas & Grayson (Kiwis in Melbourne - January 2016)

I was wanting to find a secluded location to have my first 'silent' retreat and God led me to Vartamana.  Little did I realise that, not only was I going to find a place of peace and beauty but a welcoming healing retreat for my broken back as well as comforts to refresh my soul.  Vartamana was perfect for my whole being! Blessings upon this place and people.

Margaret (September 2015)

Dear Dianne & Mark, Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us and for your wonderful, hearty and wholesome food.  You really made us feel at home and we thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous conversations over dinner!  You really are the perfect hosts.  Love and Blessings to you both.

Janette and all of Soluntra's workshop group. (May 2015)

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality.  I've enjoyed my week immensely.  I love the Shubha Room and I look forward to coming here again.  With gratitude and love,

Anita (April 2015)

WOW! No words to describe this retreat and the wonderful atmosphere Dianne and Mark have created.  As for the food !! Yummy! Thank you.

Eileen (April 2015)

Thank you so much for your incredible hospitality, amazing wholesome organic meals, wonderful company and beautiful tranquil accommodation.  The spa pool was delicious.  Can't wait to stay again. 

Jacqui (March 2015) 

Words seem empty . . .warmth, welcome and beautiful hospitality and surroundings, not to mention the nourishing, nurturing food.  Much gratitude.

Erena (March 2015)

I write this the night before I depart.  This place is magical.  There is truly something special here.  I feel lifted, rejuvenated and revived.  Therapies have been sensational, allowing me to find inner peace.  Dianne & Mark's hospitality is second to none.  A joyful and brilliant couple.  Dianne, your food is Divine.  My favourite part of the day.  I will miss this place and hopefully I will return to remain grounded and loved.

Albie (February 2015)

A very beautiful place you've got here. We wish we could have stayed for longer and enjoyed the peace and tranquility some more.  Great pool, spa and surrounding areas.  We loved the alpacas!  Dianne and Mark were very accommodating and friendly.  Thank you very much - a very enjoyable experience!

Dina, Jason, Adi & Rina (January 2015)

What a blessing of love and grace Dianne and Mark have gifted us with their wonderful healing retreat space and their beautiful illuminated hearts.  As a workshop teacher, the Shubha room space is a perfect sacred space to do the work of opening and illuminating our hearts.  I am in deep gratitude for the nourishing vegetarian meals and having everyone's needs cared for with so much love.

Waveney & Aroha (August 2014)

Waveney and I came here to take an Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop and we found two Illuminated Hearts in Mark & Dianne .  Thank you so much for providing this wonderful facility, the energy here is both tranquil and strong.  Being a builder of gardens myself, I really appreciated the thought and energy of these beautiful grounds.  We will be back.  From the Heart,

John Thode (August 2014)

A month after my visit, I have continued to feel the positive effects of staying with you and have fond memories… your retreat is lovely . . Vartamana means peace and healing in my head and probably always will .. . my life is really getting back on track with some changes and hard work on looking inwards…but it is paying off…thanks again …kind thoughts to you both.. and the cats! 

Allison (July 2014)

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality.  We have had a really relaxing last day of our holiday, after 3 weeks of exploring both islands of your wonderful country.  The infra-red sauna was a new experience for both of us.  We emerged feeling totally chilled and ready for the flight back to the UK.  With grateful thanks and love,

Hazel & Martin (April 2014)

Thank you Dianne & Mark.  What a wonderful place to spend our first day of marriage together.  It has been an absolutely blissful and relaxing time in beautiful surroundings.  Kindest regards from,

Mr & Mrs Smith (February 2014)

Vartamana Retreat is heavenly in every way.  Sublime location, tranquil environment and peaceful surroundings, embraced by nature.  Dianne & Mark are the most loving hosts.  Kind, considerate, helpful and compassionate.  Dianne's treatment was fabulous and highly recommended.  Mostly I enjoyed being still and breathing in and out.  I look forward to my return in October. With love.

Rangana (September 2013)

This is now being compared to our favourite all-time retreat (Harbin Hot Springs in California).  We had a wonderfully relaxing and nurtured experience (and Judy had a lovely birthday!).

This place and Dianne and Mark have provided a luxurious, healing respite with exquisite hospitality (and food). Thank you.

Joel & Judy (September 2013)

Thank you Dianne & Mark for creating something so special, an escape from the rat-race that is life in the 21st century.  Everything about Vartamana exceeded my expectations, from the beautiful surrounds to the superb accommodation and not to mention the warm and friendly hospitality.  THANK YOU for bringing peace back to my heart.

Michelle (August 2013)

Thank you Dianne for a lovely, relaxing getaway.  We were blown away with what the retreat had to offer; the spa, the sauna, the therapies, were just what we needed, and the lovely meal you provided was appreciated - we'll definitely be back.  Thank you for welcoming us so warmly.

Kina & Lorna (July 2013)

A time of Peace, of remembering.  Thank you Dianne for your healing hands.  I want you to know how special and important they are.  I go with a peaceful heart.  Much love from my heart to yours.

Carol (May 2013)

Thank you Dianne and Mark for creating this beautiful, sacred space.  The Shubha Room was the perfect venue for our workshop. Your kindness and generosity of spirit are a blessing to us all!  Love, Light & Truth, with Blessings.

Zvonko & Tanya (April 2013)

Thank you Dianne and Mark for a lovely relaxing stay, long peaceful sleeps, gifts from your garden and kind hospitality.

Marsha & Bob, Melbourne (March 2013)

Many thanks Dianne for your tender love and care, exactly what I needed to clear a bit of my head and allow body and soul to rejuvenate.  Just loved every minute of my stay from the moment I walked in the retreat.  So relaxing and peaceful - God Bless.

Jay (February 2013)

I came to Vartamana to heal a body and soul broken by grief, depression and stress.  5 days later I am leaving here feeling like a new person.  What a beautiful environment for rest and reflection.  The pool, spa and sauna were so relaxing and soothed a tired body.  The nourishing and delicious meals prepared by Dianne were truly a highlight, full of colour and fresh veges from the garden.  The range of therapies and kind and caring practitioners all uniquely helped me on my path to healing.  I am full of gratitude for my time here - thank you Dianne and Mark for welcoming me into your home.  Vartamana is a very special place and I look forward to returning soon.

Natalie (February 2012)

Thank you Dianne and Mark.  A wonderful place to release and be nurtured from the inside-out and outside-in!  Will come again and again and again SOON.

Debi (December 2012)

Dear Dianne & Mark, Thank you so much for your loving hospitality.  You have a beautiful beautiful centre here which I so appreciate your sharing of.  This has been one of the best weekends I have experienced.  Thank you once again.

Kathryn (October 2012)

Dear Dianne & Mark, I have experienced and received the full extent of your "sacred work".  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ishbel (October 2012)

I love it here, immaculately beautiful.  Such a sacred sacred space, to dive in and indulge in true rest, true peace.  Thank you for your beautification of this property.  It emanates well being and peace.  Many thanks always.

Rebecca (July 2012)

Many thanks for accommodating me and my family through these past few days.  Your kindness and your beautiful place have helped me through a difficult time.  Just what we needed.

Barbara (May 2012)

Exactly what I needed to clear a bit of head space and allow my soul to shine though again.  Just loved everything - perfect!

Jasmine (May 2012)

What a beautiful and tranquil haven you have created Dianne.  Thank you so much for the gorgeous food and the kind and caring nurturing you have offered us this weekend - it has truly been a treat!  Love & Blessings'

Pene (March 2012)

Thanks for a beautiful weekend.  Great sense of peace and generosity of spirit.  Thnk you for your kindness.

Hugh (November 2011)

 I have truly enjoyed my time here.  My soul feels lighter, my head clearer and my body rested.  Thank you for providing such a calm environment.  Your cooking Dianne is fantastic.  Thankyou!

Michelle (July 2011)

"If you are lost, come here!!"

I have spent the last 5 days and 4 nights here at Vartamana.  I came here with a heavy heart and mind and the usual stresses of living.  Dianne arranged therapies to heal and provide calm and guidance.  The Theta healing was amazing and a great prologue to the Soul Voice healing.  The Reiki Healing was awe inspiring and very calming.  Day 5 came the Trager therapy which is incredibly lengthening and uplifting. Don't leave here without Dianne giving you a Trager session - You would be crazy if you didn't!!  The sauna, spa, pool and bush are all incredible.  I now have a path to follow and have found my soul, intuition and light.

Thank You, Enjoy and Peace be with you,  Toni (April 2011)

"We have enjoyed so much stillness here listening to the wonderful bird song and the gentle wind and the inner wisdom.  We loved our time here and feel nourished and blessed to have been here.  We hope we can take this peace back to Christchurch.  Thank you so much Dianne and Mark for this beautiful offering.  It is an oasis in an often turbulent world."

Love & Gratitude, Alison & Geoff (March 2011). 

"Oh!! What a lovely recharging of our souls.  Two days of forest walks, healthy food, hot tub and pool.  Beautiful music, saunas, meditations and the kindness of our hosts, Dianne and Mark.  May you be richly blessed for all your efforts to create this oasis in the desert."

With love from Moon & Martyn (March 2011).

"We have been treated to a weekend of peace, rest, excellent conversation, reams of laughter, weightlessness through Trager therapy, healthy and delicious food and company in which we have been naturally ourselves. Thankyou Mark and Dianne for nourishing and freeing our bodies".

With love Paul and Margaret Brickland