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Mandy Horton & The Healing Masters - Saturday & Sunday 16 & 17th July 2022

Letting go of Human Perception

Our Earthly Body holds such wisdom and is the key to our ascension. We are returning home to Source, Zero Point, and if our earthly body is blocked in any way then we are blocked from that returning. We have the natural ability to re-create in our body wellness and bring ourselves into Zero Point through heart. So by Letting Go Of The Human Perception you can begin a new journey of the Heart. The higher light integration required for living a 5D life in a 3D world.

Over these two days you will be stepping out of the human perception. Ridding yourself of your old identity, Patterns,  Programmes, Stories, Belief Systems, Ancestral Trauma, and Releasing the dense emotional layers. Then diving in to the deeper aspects of Self, swimming in the Quantum Field of One. You will re-wire the brain changing the neural pathways to the old identity etc.

You will experience a session with the Healing Masters at the end of each day.  They will assist the physical body in transmuting any Illness or dis-ease that has been created over your life, from that which you have released that day and will bring all bodies, physical, mental, emotional, etheric, and energy into your new equilibrium.

This will be your Great Reset. Bringing you out of the old Human Perception into your Higher Creator-ship.  Moving from 3D healing to 5D wholing.

Facilitated by Mandy Horton: Renowned Healer, Light and Energy Intuitive. Mandy walks on the leading edge of healing in the 21 Century. The Healing Masters are an aspect of Mandy so she also assists in the Healings.

To find out more about Mandy go to   www.mandyhortonnz.com
Saturday & Sunday -  9.30 till 5pm

Heartfelt Exchange $280.

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