With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Song of the Bones - CANCELLED Sacred Remembering - Friday 24 - Sunday 26th April

A weekend journey with Tahlia and Alison combining the medicine of Sound and Qoya- an embodiment practice based on the idea that through movement, we remember. The theme will be a deep internal journey into the song and dance of the bones through our lineage giving time and space to remember.

‘La Loba’ is the Wolf Woman who gathers the bones and sings over them to bring them back to life – literally re-membering them with her magical song – a powerful image of the Crone as not only the midwife of souls but she is who is the catalyst for renewal and rebirth.

You can dent the soul and bend it. You can hurt it and scar it. You can leave the marks of illness upon it, and the scorch marks of fear. But it does not die, for it is protected by La Loba in the underworld. She is both the finder and the incubator of bones.
To discover more  about La Loba, go here

Tahlia- The Embodied Voice

The Embodied Voice works from a place of embodied practice where we sound through our ‘Whole’ body. Speaking or singing with the intention to transform, not perform. To express, not impress, to come back to naked vulnerability and truth, at times beyond our conscious awareness.

We all carry a story around our voice, which can include shame and shyness about speaking up, having a Voice, being seen and witnessed, getting it right. This is a place to explore without the parameters and see what else is possible.

We work from a co-creative space based on the synergy and sovereignty of the bodies present and a place of knowing that our Voice is inherently beautiful and expressive in its innocence and purity. The ‘interpersonal neurobiology’ of the group will bring a rhythm and harmony waiting to be expressed and join us together in a unique resonance.


Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. Dance becomes a medicine that flows through us, we remember that at our core we carry deep wisdom, freedom and our wild selves. To find your sovereign truth, and voice through movement, dance and ritual.

Sound and Movement are all around and within us. However, in the busyness of living in such a fast-paced environment of external stimuli it can be difficult to tune in and hear ourselves, to feel our bodies, to feel the full expression of our movement and music within

The Embodied Voice and Qoya, help us remember those things, that can never be put into words. Music and Movement expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.

There is absolutely no pre-requisite to have any experience in sound and movement as inherently the wisdom of our voice and body reveals itself as we trust in its innocence. This is more a space in which to be curious and explore the own unique quality of your Voice and Body. What does YOUR voice and movement bring to the collective synergy and sacredness of the field. We are here to express, remember, allow, and give permission to ALL aspects of our embodied experience.

As part of the Weekend you will leave with your own unique First Light® Flower Essence blend created by Alison

Your Facilitators.

Tahlia is a Sound and Somatic Therapist combining tools of Sound therapy, Vocal Coaching, Sexological Bodywork, Embodied Counselling, Kahuna Massage, Womb work and Shamanic practices. She is passionate about us coming home to our bodies wisdom and breaking frontiers with sound and sexuality where we can once again have a Voice without shame or retribution.


Alison is a Qoya and EmbodyBirth™ teacher drawn to both somatic, movement practices because of the inherent feminine healing wisdoms she felt through her body. She has been on her own healing journey for many years which became even more important after the birth of her two children, through post-natal depression and now into menopause. During this time, she studied a variety of complementary healing modalities that are now part of her healer’s toolkit and will be offered over this weekend.

Email alison@wildpeople.co.nz

Times: Friday evening 7-9pm, Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday 9.30-5pm

Cost : $444
Early Bird before 13th March $394
A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to secure your place.
Inquiries and bookings to hello@tahliabrand.com or call 021747875

Accommodation is available at Vartamana Retreat for $55 twin share or $80 single which includes breakfast. Accommodation is limited so get in quick for this. You can email Dianne at Vartamana on dianne@vartamanaretreat.co.nz.