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Waking Wisdom - Chronic Pain & Stress Relief Day - Sunday 22 September

The day is crafted around some key steps, that when addresses can really help people struggling with pain and stress to feel empowered with the tools to move from what is often a state of coping – to one of thriving.

Following that the first step is to lay the foundations for the rest of the day through exploring the neurophysiology of pain and stress and how this relates to the recovery process.  The rest of the day consists of experiential exercises that address a number of the changes that occur in the brain and body as a result of chronic pain and stress.

1. Exploration into self compassion, body awareness exercises and how this relates to recovery from persistent pain and stress.

2. Movement workshop- particularly focused on movement to help with maximising the benefits of breath and pain/stress management.

3. Breath work


5. Visualisation and Goal setting with a particular focus on each person’s values and how their goals align with these. Goals will be related to various aspects of health and wellbeing of the BodyMindSpirit and how this relates to recovering resilience of the nervous system

6. Creating a next steps plan as a follow on from goal setting, with some coaching around this.

. Exercises to aid settling the nervous system (in addition to breath work)

8. Expanding on the body awareness exercise from the start of the day in order to cultivate this skill as a resource.

You get to ..Gain deep clarity around how pain & stress work, why they stay around and the empowered new choices you can make that will support your healing. 

  • Tune into your body's wisdom and connect with you personal resources. 
  • Walk away with Invaluable tools, exercises and inspiration, so you feel the deep relaxation and relief from our retreat day; and you’re able to support yourself wisely afterwards. 
  • Enjoy a nourishing vegetarian lunch prepared lovingly by the Vartamana hosts,  with organic and local produce. (food intolerances catered for)
To register of for more information contact Natalie Cook:  info@thrivebeyondpain.co.nz