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Soul History Workshop - Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 November 2019

With Chris Wilson, learn how to access the Akashic Records for soul information, healing and transformation.

Level 1: 9.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday.
Level 2: 9.30am to 4.30pm on Sunday.
Do Level 1 only, Level 2 if you have already competed Level 1 (with Chris or online) or both.

Level 1:
Learn how to access your Akashic or soul record to (1) Obtain information for yourself and others. (2) Release limitation and (3) Connect with your soul gifts and abilities.
In the Soul History Workshop Chris Wilson will talk about the many benefits of the Akashic Records and how we can use this memory of all we have ever experienced as souls to help ourselves. Some participants will receive a short, individual reading.
Chris will guide you through two relaxing visualizations, 'Opening the Heart' and ' Journey to the Hall of the Records' and teach you how to open your Akashic Record to answer any questions you may have, use them for personal healing, releasing and clearing and to connect with soul gifts and abilities you have had in other lifetimes that can help you in the present.
(1) Our Akashic Record contains a wealth of information and the answers to any questions we have from ' Why am I having difficulty finding meaningful work ?' to ' What are the details of my immediate past life?' Chris will teach you her process for obtaining information and you will have time to practise this technique.
(2) The Akashic Records are a 'portal to a healing place. They amplify and enhance any healing that takes place within them. Chris will obtain information about the limiting beliefs, fears, sabotaging patterns of behaviour and negative feelings which are holding participants back and teach them how to let these go. She will facilitate a healing process to meet the needs of the group.
(3) Mining the Akash:  Chris will teach you how to identify, reclaim and reconnect with soul talents, abilities and attributes that can help you in your life right now.

Level 2:
Practise reading for others. Learn and practise new techniques for healing, transformation and manifestation using the Quantum Field of the Akashic Records.

In this workshop Chris will talk about how the quantum energy of the Akashic Records can be used for both emotional and physical healing and for transformation and manifestation and she will guide you through a powerful preparation visualization. You will:
Have the opportunity to practise and further hone your ability to read for others.
Learn and be able to practise techniques for emotional and/or physical healing.
Learn how to utilize the energy of the Records to create magic and miracles in your life.

Limited Accommodation Available: $50 per right, sharing a room (incls self service breakfast) .Contact Dianne at (09) 833 4545 or dianne@vartamanaretreat.co.nz to book.

Early Bird Price: Pay by the 30th of September
Level 1 only: $175
Level 2 only: $150
Level 1 and 2: $275
After October 1st:
Level 1 only: $185
Level 2 only: $160
Levels 1 & 2:  $295
Prices include morning and afternoon tea and lunch on Sunday

For more information go here.  Email Chris at chrisjwilson58@outlook.com  to register for one or both days.
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