With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Returning Home to Essence - A Day for Men -Saturday 9 November 10am-5pm

This day retreat with  Katrin Franz & Jacqlin Richards, will offer a space to experience coming back to the essence of who you truly are.
The intention is to open a space of love, compassion, acceptance and support through curiosity and light-heart-edness.  Fully embracing the entirety of who you are and the journey of discovery it will take you on.  
An exploration into (y)our intrinsic nature balancing and integrating masculine and feminine energies within.  A return to wholeness.  Creating an internal reference point anchoring (y)ourselves deeply within.

Embodying a strong sense of:  Safety . . Security . . . Belonging . . .Trust . . . Self-love or simply love!   Nurture . . .  Nourishment . . . Guidance.
We are looking forward to co-creating with you!

From the time we have known each other we have been weaving together the threads of our explorations and offerings.  We are passionate about offering spaces individually and alongside one another within retreats and 1:1 sessions that support self-exploration and awareness, consciousness, embodiment and empowerment.  A journey back to self.

For further information,  look here or contact: Katrin - kathrin_franz@hotmail.com or Jacqlin - yourparentjourney@outlook.com.

Here are some words from your facilitators, about themselves and their journeys:

I, Jacqlin am a; Mother of 2, Parenting Mentor, speaker, certified Attunement Therapist, Dance Journey facilitator and a Practitioner of Embodied Counselling and Reiki.  Originally architecturally trained I am passionate about exploring healing and transformation through the consciousness and wisdom of the body which has been informed by my diverse education and training and my own experience of reconnecting to myself through birth and motherhood.  It is the architecture of change that resonates through my being.

The life experiences that have brought me to this place in the present moment have been deep and varied and continue to revolve around the threads of love, intimacy, embodiment, relationship, parenting and the acceptance, understanding and appreciation of the differences between men and women.  

I, Katrin, have been intrigued by the mystery of life and human beings from an early age.  I am passionate about supporting men & women in their self-dis-covery, health, wholeness, connection to source, inner guidance & inspiration. Holding a container of love, care & presence.

I have been guided & completed training in Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, Shamanism, Reiki Energy Healing, Dance, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Mindfulness,....

I was initiated into motherhood by my two boys who arrived 11 and 13 years ago transforming my life and opening me to a deeper level of love, inspiration, curiosity and play.