With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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The Art of Mindfullness - Saturday 27 April -10am - 4.30pm

A one day silent mindfulness and qi gong retreat with Rachel Tobin.
Take a day for yourself to tap into the power of the now and rediscover your inherent OK-ness. In this silent retreat we use sitting/walking mindfulness practices and simple movements from qi gong to explore the experience of being present and to open to a still place of moving and being. There are lovely bush and garden walks available for you to explore at lunch time, and friendly alpacas to pat as well!.
During the day you will be guided in these, and more:
Sitting and walking mindfulness meditation practice
Qi gong warm-ups to stretch and energise your body
A guided qi gong self-compassion meditation
Some qi gong sequences that you can practise at home
Cost: $105 (please bring food to share for lunch)
Morning, afternoon teas and snacks will be provided.
The retreat is suitable for beginners, and for those with experience in mindfulness meditation and qi gong (chi kung)
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