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Karma Release & Healing - Jan 26-27th 2019

An amazing workshop facilitated by Awakened Master Aikham Akoham

*FREE* yourself from the *KARMA whirlpool that is stopping your progress!*

2 Day Live Transformative workshop power-packed by Shaktipat HEALING by Siddha Yogi Aikam Aikoham from Himalayan woods, for fast and immediate results, Siddha Mantra Yog of ancient India and much more...

An union of Science and Spirituality that can change your life in ONE weekend!

In this infinite ocean of possibilities do you feel you are working hard but not getting the best results?
 Why do you experience the same pattern of failure again and again?  You are not able to attract the success progress and happiness you dream of?

Because *97% of your Success AND Failure is the result of your KARMA* stored as subconscious seeds

This workshop is for you if you answer *YES* to one or all of the following:

● Repeating the same unwanted pattern, failure in life again and again
● Feeling victimized by situations and people
● Problems in flow of money success business
● Unable to break free of unwanted emotional states of mind, depression pain anger grief
● Not attracting fulfilling relationship with self spouse family and colleagues..

In this workshop you will break FREE of :

*KARMA of this Lifetime and Past Lifetimes*
*KARMA of Ancestors* affecting your progress

You will clear large blocks of *KARMA* in single session, create enormous amount of free space and hence create new situations and opportunities in life!
You will also learn how not to create or germinate new *KARMA* in your daily life and hence experience permanent peace bliss and progress in your material and spiritual life!

For *Registration and queries please contact Kohia Flower Ph: 0212961756

Email: ahampremalove@gmail.com