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Heart-Womb-Soul Matrix Retreat - Feb 15-17th 2019

Weaving the Golden Threads of Creation - This 3 day women's retreat is to awaken the heart, womb and soul intuitive centers from the polarity matrix which limits women from creating the life they desire and deserve. By weaving the golden threads of our divine feminine power centers, we open to the flow of our unique creativity, soul purpose and personal sovereignty.

The heart, womb and third eye are the three main intuitive, creative centers:
* The heart is the divine intelligence of the sacred trinity of love, power and wisdom
* The womb is the divine chalice of creative energy and emotional/sexual intelligence
* The Third Eye is the divine higher mind intelligence

When these three centers are connected, activated and aligned women will have the key to create and manifest from the field of unity consciousness which has unlimited potential and infinite possibles. Within these centers many women carry wounding from their past experiences and ancestral lineage.

During this workshop Dee & Waveney will hold space for you to:

* Reawaken and illuminate the sacred space in your heart
* Reawaken your wild and holy womb
* Remember your soul purpose
* Rediscover your authentic voice
* Reconnect with your divinity and creative genius
* Reclaim and embody the sacred power of your divine sovereignty

This will include sacred ceremony, meditations, dancing, sound/music, healing processes, creative activities, journalling, sacred rituals, dreamwork and story telling.

Facilitators: Dee Petit & Waveney Grace-Thode
Visit website for more information about facilitators & to register.
Register: www.sassyred.com

Cost : $333
Deposit: $111

Accommodation not included