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Maori Healing Workshop - April 14 & 15th

Workshop  2  'Bodywork Fundamentals'

Based on Traditional Romi-Romi this is a bodywork technique that is a potent, quick and direct process for clearing stagnant, blocked or unwanted energies. It helps to reset the whole being back to a balanced state of energy flow.

Healing Principles

Learn the Principles and Protocols of Maori Healing and how Spirituality plays an important part. How through bodywork you can benefit not only your own healing capacity but everything you do in your desire for completeness and wellbeing.

Four Body Alignment

Learn the basics of a full body alignment, the balancing of the 4 main bodies.

We'll also briefly discuss 3 other styles of bodywork - massage for infertility, pregnancy, infants and elderly.

Enhance your Intuition

Learn tips on how to develop your intuition and the ability to receive information about your clients needs beyond just the physical.   We are all intuitive and with a little guidance and practice it can be remembered and brought forward to deepen the healing experience.

Utilise these skills

This is an interactive workshop where practical "hands on" experience is a big component. Take what you learn here and integrate these processes and concepts into your own healing practices and everyday lives. 

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Workshop Fees:  $380 NZD for first time students with no  previous training in Romiromi with me.

 $280 NZD for any students who have previous or joint training in Romiromi with me.

 An $80 deposit will be required to secure your place payable by February 15th.

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 For those requiring accommodation, there is a limited amount available at $50 shared per night. Contact Dianne to arrange this.