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BodyTalk Fundamentals - September 6 - 10th 2017

This BodyTalk Fundamentals with Wilma Grobbelaar represents the foundation of the fastest growing system of integrative energy medicine in the world.  Local Host - Jan Gruebner.

Don't miss your chance to:
start a new career in the healing arts
add the ultimate tool to your existing practice
gain amazing insight and incredibly effective tools to utilize for you own health, wellness, and performance

Taught in nine languages in 52 countries, BodyTalk practitioners are making a difference in the world.

This course is essential for professionals inspired to provide state of the art holistic care for their clients. BodyTalk is also valuable for people searching for ways to care for family and themselves.

BodyTalk integrates the latest discoveries in science, physiology, genetics, quantum physics, and eastern medicine wisdom in a way that is fun to learn and easy to apply.

Course Overview:
There is a paradigm shift in our understanding of dis-ease and how and why it manifests in the human living system.
The body has an innate ability to heal itself; however, this ability is hindered by many factors such as physical, emotional, mental, biochemical, and environmental stressors.
The BodyTalk SystemTM operates out of this new scientific understanding; blending quantum physics with ancient philosophical knowledge to assist the body in remembering how to heal itself.

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Course Description
The BodyTalk Fundamentals course provides a comprehensive introduction to the BodyTalk SystemTM and presents many powerful consciousness-based healing techniques that address a wide variety of symptoms on all levels of the body and mind. This course presents discussions on both scientific and philosophical aspects of health, as well as a hands-on practical application of the BodyTalk Fundamentals techniques.

BodyTalk Fundamentals introduces the key elements of dis-ease manifestation that are often not included in other health care practices. The innovative yet simple techniques taught in this Fundamentals course are designed to effectively reveal the “root causes” of a wide variety of health conditions.

Along with the BodyTalk Fundamentals text book, the course is comprised of classroom work that blends lectures, demonstrations, and hands on practical experience.

Students will first learn the theory behind The BodyTalk SystemTM including: our innate wisdom and how to use it during the sessions, how to engage your intuition in a structured way, the importance of communication in the body, using muscle checking and a structured protocol to discern areas of the body and mind that are a priority to balance, and much more. This will then lead into learning all of the basic BodyTalk techniques and how to apply them in a BodyTalk session.

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