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The Women's School open class : Menstruation - Saturday 13 May, 7 -9.30pm

An evening for Women with Jaguar Star, founder of The Women's School and a Women's Health Professional, Doula, Educator, Writer, Healer.

Learn about the cycles of menstruation from a physiology, emotional and energetic persective, better understanding your hormones, yourself and your body's wisdom system.

We explore how to activate oxytocin, the hormone of love and bonding during our bleeding time, why regeneration and rest are so important in this special phase each month and how to better creatively use our cyclical way of being as women.

We come into deeper contact with our inherent knowing and engage in artistic practice to bring our learning into creative flow. 

We will draw our bodies in this class as a creative expression of our own beauty. Meditations and inner awareness practice.

Teas and herbs. 

see : www.lovemedicine.org Registration is required 

Contribution for this class : $20 p.p. Payable as a bank transfer 

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