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Integrative Quantum Healing Sat & Sunday 11 & 12th March

Take charge of your health, wealth and life!

Noorah Hansen introduces Integrative Quantum Medicine™ (IQM),  a simple yet powerful healing modality that combines Eastern Techniques of Energy Mastery, Western Anatomy & Physiology with Quantum Theory.  

This simple technique requires no drugs, needles, herbs, tools, or belief systems while producing immediate results.  It is a natural non-invasive approach to optimum health, giving you a method to correct imbalances and move through challenges with more ease. IQM offers each person a method by which they can empower their own healing and take charge of making changes in every area of their lives.

You can use IQM to successfully treat headaches, colds, allergies, digestive ailments, chronic neck, back, hip and knee pain, arthritis, and other physical, emotional and psychological concerns. IQM does not require physical contact and is painless.

Integrative Quantum Medicine™  was developed by founder Louise Mita (www.taoenergy.com).

“Integrative Quantum MedicineTM is a transformative method of healing that teaches you energy awareness, access and mastery. If you have spent years and a lot of money depending on others to help you heal and maintain balance, learn how you can balance your own energy, heal your body and mind and lessen the impact that external forces have on you. Integrative Quantum MedicineTM, known as IQM, allows you to make the necessary shifts to release what doesn’t work to create greater balance in all aspects of your life now. Everything is energy, and if you are aware of how it manifests materially in your life, your body, your relationships, etc., you can work with it. IQM teaches you how to recognize the energy of your emotions, your mental thoughts, beliefs, patterns and physical manifestation, etc. Then, utilizing the higher truth and consciousness that is already a part of you, this method helps you to shift that energy creating immediate relief, ease and balance” written by Debra Babarsky, a friend and teacher of Level I.