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Conscious & Effective Communication - March 4 & 5th with Noorah Hansen

Noorah Hansen, from Mt Shasta, California, is a very experienced facilitator who specialises in conscious communication, and also Integrative Quantum Medicine.

Conscious & Effective Communication combines your thoughts and words, while being aligned with your emotions to create powerful choices moment to moment.

Language shapes our reality and is accepted by the subconscious mind. Language represents thought. Thought represents how we filter and perceive reality. When we change our language, we change our thinking. When we change our thinking, we change our reality.

In the upcoming seminar you will learn to identify personal limiting beliefs and behaviors by understanding the 5 non-conscious language categories. You will also learn to upgrade non-conscious language to transformational language and speak from your authentic voice feeling comfortable in all your communications. There is conversational language and manifestation language. Create conscious statements to manifest your heart’s desires.

NZ$350 or early bird NZ$300 if paid by February 15th

To register pay online at www.noorahhansen.com
For more information call Annwyn Hanham (64) 021 029 59233
Email: noorah@noorahhansen.com