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Aromatic Kinesiology 1 - The Path to Beauty - November 19 & 20th 2016

With Robbi Zeck's Aromatic Kinesiology 1, you will be taken into the world of
energy and aroma with an emphasis to enhance
the spirit of and love for your life.

Each seminar includes uplifting guided exercises and discussions, time for quiet reflection and explores how to use essential oils as potent yet gentle, aromatic anchors to
facilitate change and release unresolved stress.
Within this framework you will learn many
practical techniques that blend holistic
aromatherapy with kinesiology, counseling,
acupressure, stress management procedures
and how to reframe emotional issues.
Influenced by the powers of aroma, you will be
refreshed and invigorated as you learn new skills
for your own development and also for those
whose life you touch.
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