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'The Courage to be Your Self' - A Retreat with Jared - October 21 - 24 2016

A Satsang Retreat with Jared

We hear this phrase “be yourself!” but what does it really mean? The question is – who are we? We can’t be ourselves if we don’t know who we are. Most people believe they know who they are, without ever really investigating this directly.

This retreat is an opportunity to take time out from being who you think you are, to stop and investigate who you really are, at the deepest level. When your role in life stops, who are you? When your children grow up and move out, who are you? We all have roles to play, like partner, mother, father, sister, leader, worker, teacher…. but are we our roles?

What we do defines the story of who we are, but deeper than the story of who we are, there is something more direct, more fundamental. The source of all stories, where they come from and where they disappear back into.

This discovery of our essential nature can lead to deep peace and freedom, and yet, the habit to re-identify with the story and roles comes back, with all it’s inherent suffering. It takes true courage to look beyond the story to the essential. To be willing to turn away from the mind and fall into your Self.

“I support your awakening, and en-courage you to stay true to your Self in the face of all arising phenomena.” Jared

Retreat tuition $325.  Session times: Friday 7.30pm, Saturday, Sunday & Monday:  10am, 3.30 & 7.30pm

Please contact local host Dianne to register - dianne@vartamanaretreat.co.nz