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The 9 Steps to Oneness & Ascension - April 16 & 17th 2016

Do you feel complete and whole? Or are you missing the last bit of information...sacred secrets and ancient wisdom? Are you ready to return to Oneness with Self for it is the KEY to ascension and Oneness with All That Is (also referred to as Nirvikalpa Samadhi – the blissful experience of the blossoming of the crown chakra into the thousand-petaled lotus)?

“The time is NOW to return to Oneness with Self!” and The Nine Steps to Oneness and Ascension Workshop is designed: to help the individual achieve Oneness with Self; to ready the individual for ascension that he/she will have the awareness/consciousness of the opportunity when it is presented and the ability to exercise Free Will before entering into the Higher worlds; and to prepare the individual for Oneness with All That Is. You will:

- work with your sacred geometry
- upgrade your DNA
- transform from the carbon-based to the new crystalline energy body
- merge with your twin flame (if not in a physical body)
- perform sacred alchemy, sacred breathing techniques

This workshop is based on Gail Yip-Chuck’s personal experiences, wisdom and dedication to the path of Light. She is a master spiritual teacher and healer, a pure crystallized channel for the One Infinite Creator, teacher of oneness and ascension, a catalyst/energizer of Light and Love, Mer-Ka-Ba Activator, way shower for the pathway of ascension, a representative of the Great White Sisterhood, an avatar and world server.

Join us for this incredible workshop! The energy exchange is $333 NZD (regular); the Early Bird Special is $300 NZD (paid registration by March 16th). To learn more and/or to register, visit Gail’s website.

You may listen to Gail's interview for Authentic You Web TV, New Zealand here