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Shanti Mission - Empowering Relationships 1 - March 5 & 6th

Do you keep experiencing the same relationship issues? This seminar will challenge your perceptions and belief systems. You'll come away with the knowledge and power to transform even the most challenging relationships.  "When things go sour, we can spend a lot of energy blaming others. We become disempowered and we're always in the role of victim". Come learn powerful techniques and exercises to help you look within and discover how you may be, often unconsciously, attracting and creating relationship issues and problems- Learn to communicate with your partner and others effectively - Understand how lifting your consciousness and awareness can change your life.

Topics covered include:
Relationships: A Multidimensional Perspective
Relationship phases and beliefs
Emotions and their management
The energy body of relationships

9.30 to 4.30 Both Days

Course Cost $385

This course is offered by Master 
Teacher and Healer Parvati Sundari.

Parvati brings a joy, lightness, and 
intensity to her work that makes the 
learning as powerful as it is life

"What an honour this weekend was. 
 A deep knowing with so many confirmations. I am simply me now without the masks. Seeing and feeling more clearly 
because I know how to speak my truth. Parvati was indeed a wonderful gift to all of us" 

Private healing sessions available on March 4th in Westmere, Auckland or March 7th at the workshop venue. $120 To book a session or for more information please send an email