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Sacred Activations Training - March 19 & 20th 2016

Are you ready for two days of intense and significant healing and transformation? This Sacred Activation training with Finn Goddard of Edinburgh, is open to all.  Although experience working with sacred energies is not a requirement, please know that the energies are incredibly powerful. You will learn to run the energies safely and gracefully.

What will you learn and be licensed to offer?

Completion of this training will enable you as a practitioner to:

Learn to connect to the Seventh Energy Plane

Receive the first 26 Golden Seals to offer these Activations to others

Learn how to use the sacred energy, activate and witness Sacred Activations clear emotions and blocks from the physical, emotional, metaphysical body and the collective consciousness

Learn how to connect with the energies to clear out core belief systems that may limit or hinder your evolution on all levels

Witness the activation of your and your clients Sacred Geometry (Sacred Activations also activates and connects you to your Sacred Geometry)

Become a licensed Sacred Activations practitioner, permitted to work one-on-one with clients via internet, phone or in person

Be Licensed to offer the first 26 Activations to clients and much more….

The Benefits of the Sacred Activation’s Training

Sacred Activation’s clears the belief system of fear, suffering and guilt. The SA energies plug you as a Practitioner and your client into the Fifth Dimension energy system – of Sacred Love and Learning to co-create what you divinely desire in life.

Each class is unique although the class is structured, there is opportunity to connect, evolve, learn and celebrate together as a group. You will learn to create your own template of Sacred Healing and how to enhance the energies in your daily, life, healing practice for both yourself and your clients.


To celebrate the first class, when you sign up and pay for this training you will receive:

access to all the recorded Sacred Activation’s on my website

and 5 event replays to listen to at your leisure

One hours complimentary individual session with Finn after the training

Investment: £545 or NZD $1168

 (payment plans are available)

For those of you travelling out of town, accommodation and meals are available at Vartamana if booked in advance. Contact Dianne to arrange.

For further information about Finn, please don’t hesitate to contact her at finn@connecttoyourspiritualbliss.com

Payment can be made here: