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Linking Awareness-Animals & Humans - March 11, 12 & 13th 2016

Your and your friends are invited to this powerful 3 day seminar with world renown facilitator, Loesje Jacobs.   Come and communicate with animals and sentient beings and experience your authenticity, expand your sensory awareness, enliven your hearts desires and explore the intuitive in you. 

Loesje invites you to:

"Experience your TRUE SELF with the animals and step into the POTENTIAL of experiencing FULL subtle sense AWARENESS & COMMUNICATION from the HEART, with NON-VERBAL HUMANS as well as ANIMALS & NATURE"

Course fee $800 (Canadian) EarlyBird (by 7 March) $750 CAD, Youth Fee (16-18yrs) CAD$450                        Daily 9am to 5.30pm

Loesje us also teaching at Vetcare Unitec:  BodyTalk (Access) for Animals, 5-6 March and Body Talk Fundamentals for Animals 15 - 20 March 2016

Overview Currently, the general approach to modern health care for animals and humans is undergoing a radical change. There is a paradigm shift afoot in our understanding of dis-ease and how and why it manifests in the human and animals’ living system. The body has an innate ability to heal itself; however, this ability is hindered by many factors, such as, physical, emotional, mental, biochemical, and environmental stressors. The BodyTalk SystemTM operates out of this new scientific understanding; blending quantum physics with ancient philosophical knowledge to assist the body in remembering how to heal itself.

For more information contact Linda Shaw:linda@lindashaw.co.nz or Ph 0220546320

To find out more about Loesje's work visit her website