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Wise Women Workshop - Introduction to the Divine Feminine - May 23 & 24th

n this Journey of Self Discovery and Healing, Deborah Laurence brings to life the myths and mysteries of the old traditions through ceremony, meditation and Reiki energy healing.

Uncover the ancient traditions of the Goddess through symbols, images, guided meditation and ritual which help you connect with the different aspects of the Goddess, receive Her guidance and wisdom which will take you on a magical inner journey.
The Divine Feminine wisdom offers patience, nurturing and creativity.  The feminine intuition (Higher-self) is one of our most powerful tools for guidance, and we all connected.  Learn how to listen to “Her” messages, wisdom and guidance.  Invite new ways for creative expression, self-love, compassionate caring and intuition. Connect with the beautiful soulful aspect of yourself.

Now, the memory of the Divine Feminine has re-emerged, She is present, offering us help and guidance, whispering to the hearts and souls of both women and men. The images, stories and symbols of the Goddess give us a new way to contemplate the Divine.

The Goddess reflects our own creative power and shows us our own beauty. She gives healing, inspiration, strength and comfort. Learn to develop Goddess consciousness, which will help elevate self-esteem and empower your personal and professional growth.

Honour your Goddess within and Learn:
Reiki Healing, the ancient art of natural healing, the History of the Goddess and the Sacred Traditions, the many archetypes, her many personalities, hoe to create Sacred Space for blessings and healings for insight, the cycles of the earth to celebrate the Goddess, and how to develop your intuition and listen to your higher self.

Investment: $400
Includes:   Morning & Afternoon Tea, Vegetarian Lunch