With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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'Living as Love' - Retreat Friday 15 - Sunday 17th May 2015

I warmly invite you to join Jared for this beautiful 'Living as Love' retreat weekend.  He invites us to:

 “stop all effort to get love, create love, or control love. In opening to everything, you can discover true love, not as an object outside of yourself, but as who you really are.”

This weekend retreat is a rare opportunity to dive into the depths of our being, to discover our inherent overflowing heart. This is Jared’s second visit to NZ after a beautiful tour in 2014. He has been invited back to share his insight and support the awakening of all beings from egoic suffering to living a life of deep surrender, freedom and love.
Tuition NZ$265

Note also that there is a open meeting (Satsang) here at Vartamana on Tuesday 12th at 7.30pm. $20

This is what Vimal said following time with Jared in the Blue Mountains near Sydney:

Feelings of deep peace and inner stillness are present this morning, a very profound and insightful last Satsang for this year with Jared here in the Blue Mountains. What do you come to Satsang for ?
Overflowing gratitude and love Jared for your commitment to truth and love and support, through the grace of Papaji, Gangaji and Eli for this ever growing true Sangha here in the Blue Mountains.