With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Satsangs with Lisa in March - 16 - 24th

Satsang is a sacred gathering in the name of truth. Unfettered by mind activity and submersed in the reality of your true nature as eternal consciousness, you recognize yourself as the source of all; Freedom, Itself.

Open Satsang Meeting:  CANCELLED
Sunday March 16th - 7pm,

5 Day Satsang Retreat begins - Thursday March 20th at 7pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday - 2 meetings per day (11am & 4pm)
Closing meeting Monday at 10am.   Cost $365

A beautiful gift to give yourself; to retreat with intent starting Thursday evening and ending Monday morning, for a total of 8 meetings together.  These retreats are an opportunity to deepen your commitment to stay true and to see more deeply into the heart of Silent Awareness the reflection of your own life's purpose.  It is renewing and nourishing, a very quiet and sacred time. ,

Enneagram Intensive -
Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings 7 - 9pm   Cost $135

The Enneagram is a tool for self inquiry - a way to unveil the habits of mind, body and emotion that come from a lifetime of identification as a "somebody".  It opens one to clarity and wisdom in the space that would otherwise have been occupied with habitual coping strategies that run subconsciously.
It is a tool to see how you turn from Love and betray yourself in the fixated patterns associated with the mind, body and emotions.