With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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A Sound Healing Experience - Friday 17th May 7.30pm

The evening will start with an informative speech by Stefan about the Sound-sculptures and their healing qualities. This will be followed by the sound-experience which involves both Sound-sculptures, a range of other instruments and Stefan's voice. It is a meditative experience where the listener will be bathed in magical and cosmic sounds. The participants can lie near the Sound-sculptures, enabling them to feel the vibrations coming through the floor. The main part of the experience is about 1 hour long followed by a period of silence, where people can absorb the healing vibrations into their system and then an informal chat and refreshments. Bring your blanket and a cushion to make you feel more comfortable. For this event, the Sound-sculptures will be tuned to the frequency of the Earth-year and the Earth-day. The Earth-year frequency is 136.10 Herz which is also the chant OM and the base tuning of the sitar. The Earth-day frequency is 194,18 Herz. This frequency is also the base electron of the DNS-RNS strand. The Sound-sculptures work with the resonance principle. Stefan Duenkel is based in Germany and travels the world to inspire people with these specially developed Sound-sculptures. He has worked for more than 20 years with sound and vibration. $ 2o per person, $ 100 for the main participants (the person who lies on the sound-sculpture). Those people who are interested please rsvp by emai : info@sound-will-heal-me.com