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'You are Creator of Your Reality' Workshop - Saturday April 20th

Zvonko's Heartfelt intention:    For people to fully access, and consciously create from, the power and potential of their Being for their Highest Good.

•    Basics of human functioning - Principles of Functioning and Managing these structures - Calming the mind (Meditation) - Heart and sensing with the Heart - Aligning our bodies - Connection and harmonisation - Clear Heart intention - Principles: Surrender and Acceptance; Responsibility; Forgiving; Loving your Self - Technique for Uncreating hindrances on present Path (clearing inherited ancestral hindrances from present DNA)…
•    The day begins and ends with gong sessions, also a gong meditation at mid-day.
•    Self-catered/Shared lunch

What you will learn/Benefits:
•    Consciously create your life every day using simple techniques to help you centre, focus, and set clear, heartfelt intentions.
•    Un-create inherited ‘energetic’ disharmonies, and clear the slate for harmonious functioning.
•    Method for ‘tuning in’ to your heart, and consciously choosing your thoughts and feelings.
•    Many other principles to do with creation and transformation to help you live your life from your Soul perspective.

Suggested donation: $108 (If you wish to stay overnight at Vartamana, additional cost: $75pp)

About Zvonko
•    Zvonko is a Gong Master and Kriya yoga practitioner, and was taught by Master Don Conreaux, USA (originator of the Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance).
•    Zvonko lives in Slovenia. He is recognised as a medical doctor, orthopaedic trauma surgeon, manager, scientist and researcher in the field of human medicine.
•    His special purpose and heartfelt role is researching Sound and its effects on DNA in medicine, and its implications on Soul and Spiritual levels. He plays a pivotal role in developing the potential of human capacity, ability, and power. With this he contributes to the further development of humankind on Earth.
•    Zvonko has played the gong for Judy Satori’s Mastery of Mind retreat (Mana Retreat, N.Z. September 2012). His gong work will also feature as part of the First Light Symposium to be held in Auckland, 13th-14th April 2013.

I am using a lot of what we learnt in my life now. Everything has become easier, and life is more beautiful. I now actively create my life (rather than just reacting to everything!). I can now choose how I feel - to experience first and leave the ‘commentary’ to later. A lot of energy is released and becomes available to me when I simply allow something into Being. How you feel about yourself, others, and situations is a conscious choice!
(Jana, Slovenia)

For more information and to book for the workshop email tkgranich@gmail.com (Phone/Txt: 0279 176 333)

For accommodation enquiries and bookings, contact Dianne at Vartamana Retreat.