With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Opening the New Consciousness - Friday 19th April 2013 7.30pm

Friday 19th (7:30pm-9:30pm) - Gong meditation evening
•    Open evening, you can bring your friends!
•    Clearing, opening and anchoring portals of light within us. 
•    Great preparation for people attending Saturday’s workshop.

Zvonko shares with people Soundly meditations and vibrations of Higher Consciousness. Zvonko’s heartfelt intention is to assist people to allow the opening of new portals of consciousness within. That we may all live our lives fully from our True Self and the Portal of the Heart.

Listen to Zvonko playing the gong, and feel the resonance and energy fill your body, heart, and soul - a truly multi-dimensional experience!

•    Short introduction
•    Kala Hamsa Krya
•    Clear Heart Intention for Highest Divine Good
•    Gong meditation
•    Short Q&A (plus supper)
•    Gong meditation and closing

Koha (donation)

About Zvonko
•    Zvonko is a Gong Master and Kriya yoga practitioner, and was taught by Master Don Conreaux, USA (originator of the Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance).
•    Zvonko lives in Slovenia. He is recognised as a medical doctor, orthopaedic trauma surgeon, manager, scientist and researcher in the field of human medicine.
•    His special purpose and heartfelt role is researching Sound and its effects on DNA in medicine, and its implications on Soul and Spiritual levels. He plays a pivotal role in developing the potential of human capacity, ability, and power. With this he contributes to the further development of humankind on Earth.
•    Zvonko has played the gong for Judy Satori’s Mastery of Mind retreat (Mana Retreat, N.Z. September 2012). His gong work will also feature as part of the First Light Symposium to be held in Auckland, 13th-14th April 2013.