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A Journey of Self Discovery - Sundays 14 & 28th Ocotber

Due to the level of interest, we are offering again this 2 day Enneagram workshop in October.

Yes you can:
    See yourself and others with greater clarity
        Build better relationships in all areas of your life
            Understand your motivations and behaviour
                Let go of troublesome habits and reactions
                    Build on your strengths and abilities

Join us on this liberating journey as we begin to discover the ways our consciousness has been shaped, creating what we call our personality. This is a journey of self observation and self-enquiry using the tool of the Enneagram; a profound synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern psychology that reveals the 9 archetypal patterns of the psyche.
Rather than being 'taught' anything,  this is a shared exploration with others into what makes us tick.  The intention is  that your own inner knowledge and understanding will be revealed to you; hidden beneath the layers of your ego, your personality.

As we move through the workshop, you will receive reading material and hear interviews with teachers and students revealing their experiences and their revelations.  These are sometimes surprising, sometimes funny or embarrassing, but ultimately empowering; as your own journey will be.  

Sessions are 10.00am to 4pm with refreshments and lunch included.  Total cost is $80.
To reserve your space or find out more, contact Dianne (09) 833 4545