With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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The Divine Spark - May 19th 2012

William Walmsley is the instigator and co-facilitator of this one day retreat. There is no cost for this day . .  it is FREE,  with Donations gratefully accepted.
His intention is to create a loving and supportive space where people can learn more about themselves and embrace their true self without having to follow rules, beliefs, dogmas or being controlled.  This is about joining and building 'Conscious community'.   
You will get the opportunity to:

surrender;      our ego/shadow and its never ending stories and dramas

Be still;         and embrace our essence which is beyond the mind

reflect;      upon the who we really are and transcend the duality

breathe;      and live in the fullness of the present moment

relax;     and have fun, exploring a reality of unified consciousness

trust;    in the process and that your soul is guiding you home to oneness

restore balance. and find Peace, love, kindness and metaphysical fulfillment

If you are interested in this wonderful offering, I invite you to contact William directly: williamsoulcoach@gmail.com or 022 1060 887