With kind thanks to John Adorney for allowing us to play his music: Dance of the Moon and Stars

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Mandy Horton & The Healing Masters - Saturday & Sunday 16 & 17th July 2022

Letting go of Human Perception

Our Earthly Body holds such wisdom and is the key to our ascension. We are returning home to Source, Zero Point, and if our earthly body is blocked in any way then we are blocked from that returning. We have the natural ability to re-create in our body wellness and bring ourselves into Zero Point through heart. So by Letting Go Of The Human... > Read more

Soul Nourishment Weekends 2022 - 30 & 31 July AND 10 & 11 September

Join Nirvyaja and Dianne on an enchanted and joyful journey to discover your own beautiful uniqueness in a gentle healing environment, creating space for you to experience deep connection, nourishment and peace. Do you want to : get in touch with your own inner wisdom develop a deeper connection with yourself and others dip... > Read more

A Weekend Retreat with Jared - Friday 12 to Sunday August 14th, 2022

'What is Always Here'

After nearly 3 years, I am more than delighted to welcome back Jared.  Spaces on this retreat will be very sought after, so register soon.  The world of form is changing so rapidly. Politically, economically, environmentally, these changes are happening before our eyes.  When our identification is with the world of form, when... > Read more

From our Visitors Book:

Here are some comments from our visitor's book. It was wonderful to be back here at Vartamana Retreat for another 4 day 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart' retreat workshop.The Shubha Room is a great space for teachers and students with its serene atmosphere and generous space.  The accommodation and hosting by Dianne and Mark is... > Read more

Mandy Horton & The Healing Masters - Sunday 20 March - 1pm

Come join Mandy on this wonderful healing journey.  Mandy has been working with the Healing Masters for many years. This has always been very profound and some miraculous changes have occurred for those concerned. The experience with the Healing Masters will be unique to you.  Everyone who has joined one of these events... > Read more

Intuitive Healing Bodywork - Romiromi Fundamentals - Saturday & Sunday May 15 & 16th 2021

Join out 2021 Waananga Waka for an immersive journey into the Realms of True Holistic Healing.  Over the course of four weekend workshops you... > Read more

Voice Alchemy: Unlock Your Voice - Saturday 5 June 2021, 1pm - 4.30pm

Join 'weaver of sound' Yee Ley to explore what is possible with your voice when you let go of form and structure This experiential and transformational class allows you to explore what your voice would like to voice when you let go of form and structure. Be guided through series of vocal expressions and co-create interesting sound... > Read more

Sound Healing Journey - Sunday 7 June 2021, 4 - 5.30pm

Following a blessed 'sound journey' last month, Yee Ley has responded to requests for more and has returned to Vartamana, also offering her voice workshop on Saturday. Lay down and be guided on a journey to the spaces in between worlds and be ready to rendezvous with what is ready to meet you. This sound journey allows the seeker to go... > Read more

Biodanza Workshop - Awaken the Archetypes - Saturday & Sunday 17 & 18th April

Since the beginning, humans have been interested in the pursuit of transformation into divine beings. To access and reach the qualities of the gods in this case, The archetypes, which are set patterns of behaviour shared by all of humanity, is a way to understand and incorporate these energies in our lives.Biodanza & Archetypes: a doorway to... > Read more

Sound Healing Journey - Thursday April 8th, 7.30pm

Join Yee Ley in the beautiful Shubha room and be guided on a journey to the spaces in between worlds and be ready to rendezvous with what is ready to meet you. Instruments: Voice, drum, harp, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowlsBring: Something comfortable to lay on and wrap up inLimited spaces, booking essential: (20 spaces).  $30... > Read more

Summer Sol Alive Yoga Retreat - Sunday 28th March 2021

Following on from a glorious day in December, come and join Kathy for another Revive and Thrive Wellness Day. Enjoy an alchemy of rhythmic movement to refresh your body and restore inner balance to your mind and soul. Highlights include:   Three Yoga Practice Sessions Dynamic deep stretch Prana Vinyasa, (to energise and... > Read more

Spring into Spring Revive Yoga Retreat - Sunday 11 October & ALSO Sunday 15 November 2020

Note: October 11th is fully Booked Join in one these ever popular Yoga days with Kathy Jensen  As we emerge out of winter and evolve into the warmth of spring our bodies and minds crave a little re-charge.  Renew your inner energy, refresh your body and restore your mind and soul.  Discover your  fluid strength... > Read more